Our Products Orthosilicic acid

Orthosilicic acid

Silicon has been accepted worldwide as an important beneficial element required for the proper functioning of the plants, particularly in cultivating crops. Plants can absorb silicon only in the form of Orthosilicic acid (OSA).

We at AxioGen Biotech developed an innovative process for the formulation of OSA. OSA is highly biologically active and is in bioavailable form. OSA supplements the Silicon deficiency in plants.

Applications and beneficial roles of OSA

  • Increases tolerance in stress conditions
  • Regulates uptake of minerals
  • Enhances K/Na ratio
  • Reinforce the plant tissues
  • Regulates the enzymatic activity
  • Reduces lipid peroxidation and reduces oxidative stress
  • Reduces osmotic stress
  • Limits transpiration

Minimum order quantity: 500 L
Packaging: 50 and 30 L drums
Production capacity: 50 KL
Delivery time: 7-14 days