About AxioGen Biotech

About AxioGen Biotech

AxioGen Biotech has been established in 2008 as a research-based Biotech organisation. AxioGen Biotech is engaged in the manufacturing of natural products, drugs, APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates, organic fertilizers, fertilizer formulations, microbes, and so on. In addition to manufacturing activities, AxioGen Biotech is also focussing on the research and development of innovative technologies. The R&D of AxioGen Biotech is a set-of-the-art facility set up at TICEL BIO PARK, Chennai, to develop technologies for in-house products and for companies who would like to outsource research activities. AxioGen Biotech is concentrating on the innovative biotechnology-based products and processes for creating pollution-free and greener environment.


The vision of AxioGen Biotech is to emerge as a prominent company in the biotech industrial sector for creating eco-friendly greener environment.


Development of eco-friendly process for the production of biotech products. Constantly researching and searching out innovations in the biotechnology field.

Director’s profile

AxioGen Biotech is started by Dr. S. Karthikayalu in the year 2008. Dr. Karthikayalu has completed his PhD in Biotechnology and has research experience in a Central Government Institution for 8 years. His area of expertise includes Proteomics, Molecular Biology, Drug research, Bioprocess technology, Fermentation technology, Biochemical processing, and so on.